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Know God's Word!


How should we study the book of Hebrews?

1. Not like Cold Scholars

We do not study like we are taking a test. We do not study to fill our heads with knowledge. We do not study to win a debate. We study the Bible so it might change our hearts and lead us to live for Jesus. It is not about scrutinizing the past, but filling our present with truth.

2. Not like Casual Admirers

I love history, and I can read history as a casual admirer. Last year when I stood on the Gettysburg battlefield I could not help but admire what took place there, and even mourn that it had to happen. While the Bible is a history book it is not to be admired as a hobby like antiques or memorabilia, it is a book that we are to dive deeply in and change us in the present.

3. Like Committed Soldiers

We must read like committed soldiers. This book is our friend for the battle. Weather we are in furlough or the thick of war. It is training us in righteousness and godliness. As committed soldiers we understand that the instructions in this book is matter of life and death. We study this book because we want to be more committed to our good King. The King who laid down his life. Committed Soldiers follow their King, they obey his words, they trust his heart, and they seek to endure in the fight until the end.

May we be a church filled with committed soldiers who love, follow, and live for King Jesus! 

- Pastor Ryan 

*Adapted from Tony Merida (Exalting Christ in Acts)