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The Nine Virtues: Fruit of the Spirit

"Habits of the heart" 

The fruit of the Spirit are the habits of the heart for those who belong to Christ. As the Christian is united in Christ transformation begins to take place in their lives inwardly. This means that the Holy Spirit begins to shape their character into the image of Jesus. In Galatians Paul tells us that we are either being shaped by the world and the desires of the flesh or we are shaped by the Spirit who changes our desires and conforms us in the image of Christ. 

We all have habits in our lives that demonstrate what is shaping us and habits are formed over time slowly becoming a pattern that is easily recognizable. Habits of the heart like fruit are developed slowly, while you can not see them grow you see the change. These habits are known by the world as virtues and these virtues reflect the inward work of Christ in an unmistakable way. 

If the Holy Spirit is leading your life there will be an obvious reality, the fruit of the Spirit will be produced from the seed of salvation planted in you by Christ Jesus. This seed bears fruit and the outcome is the virtues of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. Paul says “walk by the Spirit” and as we walk by the Spirit then His fruit will cause the world around us to flourish by putting the character of Jesus Christ on display for all to see.  

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