To see the city of Orlando redeemed by the power of the gospel for the glory of God.



Life is filled with questions. What if this job doesn’t come through? What if I never get married? What if I can’t pay my bills next month? All of the “What if’s” are the real life questions we ask on a daily basis. Where one question ends, another begins. While these questions are important, they do not resolve the big question. What if my life is meant for something more?

The book of Romans tells us the answer to the ultimate question in order that it can be the ultimate reality. "What if Christ’s resurrection is true?”. Every Easter this question is looming. Was Jesus just another person who lived and died that by way of tradition we seek to learn from his example, or is Jesus who the Bible proclaims him to be the Risen Son of God? Easter Sunday tells us that the death of Christ is only relevant today because of the resurrection of Christ. In the resurrection of Christ we find the purpose and power behind all the other questions the beg to be answered. What if Jesus is really who he says he is? What if he did what the Bible says he did? What if he answered the question that cuts to the heart of every person on the planet. “What about death?”. What if Jesus gives us the answers to life’s biggest questions, but not only answers them but provides the answers in himself?

I invite you to join us for the power of the resurrection on Easter Sunday and learn how your life is connected to the life of the resurrected Christ. This Sunday March 27th at 10amat the Downtown YMCA 433 Mills Ave Orlando, FL 32803.

Happy Easter, 

Pastor Ryan