To see the city of Orlando redeemed by the power of the gospel for the glory of God.

The Body and the Blood

Why Communion?

1.    You are not good enough: That is the point! This is why Jesus offers us his body and blood in our place for our sin. You are not good enough for it; you will never be good enough for it. This is why you must trust in the one who is good enough and his goodness is counted to you as your righteousness. Jesus died so that you might live!

2.    There is sin in your life: Right now whether you recognize it or not you have sin in your life. No one ever reaches a place of perfection on this side of eternity not even for one second. What matters is whether you believe your sin is sin, are you willing to acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of a Savior? Do you desire to see freedom from sin and walk in obedience? Are you willing to walk in repentance or do you desire to continue to walk in sin? The communion table is for those who acknowledge the sin in their life and trust in the cleansing work of Jesus to bring renewal.

3.    Faithfully Repentant: The communion table is not for those who have it all together, but those who believe that they do not and seek refuge in the cross. The grace of God produces repentance. So the question that we need to ask in receiving the Lord’s supper is: are you willing to run to the cross? This is the way of repentance, the way of the cross.

4.    Jesus is coming back: Finally, when you remember Christ’s death never forget that he rose again and defeated death. He will also return to right every wrong and bring unto wholeness all that is broken. Jesus will return and this is why we celebrate his body and blood. He is not a distant memory but a present reality, and a future hope.

Thomas Watson

“Has Christ provided such a blessed banquet for us? He does not nurse us abroad—but feeds us with His own breast—nay, with His own blood! Let us, then, study to respond to this great love of Christ. It is true; we can never parallel His love. Yet let us show ourselves thankful. We can do nothing satisfactory—but we may do something out of gratitude. Christ gave Himself as a sin offering for us. Let us give ourselves as a thank-offering for Him. If a man redeems another out of debt—will he not be grateful? How deeply do we stand obliged to Christ—who has redeemed us from hell!”